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My mortgage for my rental home was sold by XXXX Mortgage to United Security Financial in XXXX of this year ( 2015 ). We are in the military and had recently moved to another duty station. Unfortunately, I had n’t updated my address on their website and missed that notification. I was not notified by email or through the secure messaging system on their website.

I kept sending my loan payments to XXXX each month on an auto bill-pay. They sent the first XXXX payments to the new company, but stopped at that point and instead starded sending them to the address they had on file … for 3 months after that. My bank has a widget on their website that tells me my credit score, and I wondered why it was dropping. I previously had excellent credit ( XXXX ) and it was tanking ( now XXXX ). We received a phone call from the new company requesting our updated information but I did n’t feel comfortable sending my personal info without checking with the company with which I was in business.

I got onto the XXXX website and saw that my last received loan payment was 7 months ago. I sent a secure message on XXXX ‘s website stating that I did n’t know this had happened and asked them to verify that this had taken place. I provided my updated contact info and reminded them that they had my email and could have contacted me in other ways. A few days later I received XXXX checks refunded from XXXX from the XXXX latest months ( but nothing from the XXXX checks sent to my old address ) and a response stating that the sell-off had taken place. I had been paying my mortgage to XXXX for 7 months after it was sold unaware of the problems developing.

I called the new company to make it right and was told I needed to pay the entire balance owed before I could continue to pay my monthly payments. They had already begun consulting with foreclosure attorneys and also fined me {$310.00} for those services, which they also required me to pay at that point to prevent further losses. I payed the overdue amount from my savings, along with the attorneys fees.

Today, XXXX XXXX 2015, I ‘ve received a letter from United Security Financial stating that my XXXX XXXX, 2015 payment is overdue and now I owe them {$77.00} in late fees. My payment that is due in the future is overdue?!

I have emailed XXXX to request the XXXX lost checks be re-sent to my new address and that the money I was charged in attorney ‘s fees be refunded and am now awaiting their response.

I ‘ve realized why my credit score was tanking : An incorrect address and a company that did n’t care enough to contact me through other means at their disposal. All the while I was paying them monthly, on time and in full. They have insulted my character, and have cost me money.

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