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Hi. I ‘m not sure that this is the right direction to go, however I ‘m out if options with this company. Nation star Mortgage is in process of ruining my credit. I can not get a rep or supervisor over there to help me remedy what should be a simple situation. Our mortgage was sold to them. We set up auto deduct and every month for about 5 months now, they have not been able to get my account set up correctly.

When it was originally transferred from XXXX I was told I needed to do nothing and that auto deduct would occur. At this point I ‘ve spoken to XXXX cust serv reps, and XXXX supervisorsWith no resolve. I ‘ve been lied to, hung up on, and all I want them to do is debit my savings acct each month to pay my mtg. You can see through my bank statements that the money has been sitting there waiting to be deducted. Each time I ‘m told that it ‘s taken care of it never is. I ‘m not sure if I should get an attorney involved or what. I really want someone else to service this loan. I have no way to resolve this on my own. There must be a history in my account a mile long from all of the conversations. I feel like I should be paid as an employee of theirs because I ‘ve spent so much time on this.

I was told by my bank that it ‘s an internal coding error on their side, which apparently no one there knows how to fix. I have never been so frustrated or disappointed with a company ‘s performance in my life. At one point I had the bank and the mtg company on the line and they talked, figured out the issue and there is still no resolve. Funny thing is that when I ‘ve called in after noticing the deductions have n’t occurred they are able to pull the money internally ( from nationstars end ). So, you can see there is no issue with the account. My savings number never changed .. It ‘s always been the same. We use nexttier bank. I would simply set this up through another account if I thought it would help but I have zero trust in this company and quite frankly at this point even if they told me it was resolved I know it would n’t be. My husband has direct deposit specifically for this mortgage and we set up auto deduct so we would never be late. Now look where I am. For us to change that over to another account just because nation start ca n’t code a savings as a savings is absurd, also as an aside the rep I spoke to at the bank new immediately what the issue was be used it happened to her as well. I found that very ironic.

Please help and let me know where the consumer protection from this sort of thing is? I ‘ve set this account up numerous times and have even had them walk me though it. I pay plenty of bills online and automatically, and I ‘ve never seen such incompetence in my life. I have also contacted the XXXX in XXXX Tx which is where I assume their headquarters is according to the billing address.

I appreciate your help!

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