Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

My Bank used a loan servicer ( XXXX ) to do their work of loan servicing. I paid my XX/XX/2016 payment of {$1000.00}, and the money was debited from my account, yet never showed up as payed to my mortgage, nor was it relayed or forwarded to my new loan servicer ( XXXX ). So my current principle is too high, my interest deduction XXXX form is incorrect, and to date Ive spent about 30 hours on the phone and researching what happened.

What do I need to do to have an investigation of where my money went, and who is responsible for finding it and applying it to my loan and issuing corrected XXXX for taxes which are due in one week?
Additionally, I ‘ve attached the closing documents, which indicate the amount financed is {$190000.00}, which does n’t make sense, because the loan that was transferred to the XXXX servicer, is shown at {$190000.00} which is greater than the total amount financed in the closing documents. How is that possible????

Please Help!

Best regards, XXXX

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