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Nationwide Biweekly AdministrationAddress : XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX, OH XXXXPhone : ( XXXX ) XXXXXXXXWith the recent CFPB UDAP case against the above company, along with me refinancing my mortgage, I wanted to cancel my bi-weekly debits. I have called over 20 times, submitted several emails, and even submitted an online change of service. Every time you call, you get XXXX of XXXX messages – 1 ) they are experiencing high call volume and to call back the next business day ( automatically hangs up on you ) or 2 ) they are experiencing technical difficulties and to call back the next business day ( again hangs up on you ). Further, when you submit an online request to cancel your service, you click submit and a XXXX number pops up and tells you to call customer service. Clearly, this company is making it difficult to cancel their service as they are fighting the CFPB and banks denying their ACH services. I submitted an initial complaint months ago regarding UDAP. They market bi-weekly payments, but really it ‘s bi-weekly debits. They are only making a single mortgage payment for you. Very deceptive, and bad business. Now, they are making it unfair to customers by denying the ability to cancel. I am sick of calling.

Futhermore, I received the below email which is completly pathetic : Dear Customer, I am writing you this email to speak from my heart and ask you for your help … For many years NBA has provided services that have helped consumers like you to eliminate interest charges and pay off your mortgages faster. As a result, lenders do not like what we are doing for consumers because it affects their interest revenue. Over the years we have faced many battles instigated by Lenders and currently we are locked in a battle with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( CFPB ) who wants to take away our valuable consumer service from you.

When I first started NBA I had XXXX secretary helping me to take calls from consumers. After I had just taken my life savings of {$10000.00} to mail out letters to consumers to educate and make them aware of our biweekly program service, I was prompted in my heart from the Lord to go pray and fast for a week at the small church I was attending. I thought to myself that there was no way I could do this because I just spent my life savings to mail out all those letters and I needed to help my secretary take all the calls coming in to enroll the customers in our service. There was no way she could handle all the calls and I could end up losing my life savings. I had my wife and XXXX little girls living in an apartment depending on me to provide for them. How could I just take off a whole week, after I had just mailed out all those letters, to pray and fast for a week at my church? There was no way! But for the next two days I kept feeling it so strongly in my heart that I was supposed to do this. I told my wife what I felt and she said, ” you better do what the Lord is wanting you to do ”. So after debating it in my mind I decided that I needed to do it. So I called my pastor and told him what I wanted to do. He was encouraged by what I was choosing to do and he gave me a key to the church. That Monday, instead of heading to the office to answer all the calls that would have just started to come in, I was on my way to my church to pray and fast. I thought in my mind, as I was driving, that I could lose everything. There was no way my XXXX, just recently hired, secretary was going to be able to handle all those calls successfully and enroll them. But I thought, if I lose everything because I put the Lord first by obeying and seeking him first, so be it! That will be my testimony that I lost everything pursuing the Lord and obeying what he put on my heart to do.

I ran out of space, but it gets worse …

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