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I am writing you today to make you aware of an issue my husband and I are going through. In XX/XX/XXXX our mortgage loan was transferred from Litton Loan Servicing to Ocwen Loan Servicing , LLC . When the loan was transferred, our mortgage was in good standing. Ocwen then added a insurance policy to our mortgage raising our monthly bill up nearly {$400.00} per month. Even though I had proof that we already had homeowners insurance through XXXX, Ocwen proceeded with charging us. They eventually started sending us statements that had outrageous amounts charged onto our mortgage. Shortly after, they started sending us foreclosure letters threatening to sale our property in a short sale. I fought for months and months, calling the company, asking for a loan modifications that they denied several times, I filed complaints with the CFPB ( Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ), I hired XXXX lawyers to assist in the matter and still, nothing was ever fixed. I have proof of every payment that was sent on time and all the complaints I filed with Ocwen and the CFPB. With Ocwen continuing to threaten us with foreclosure although it was not a mistake on our parts, we then reached out to a bankruptcy attorney XXXX XXXX in XXXX, Texas. She advised us in order to get this company behind us, we would be forced to file for bankruptcy. We then filed in XX/XX/XXXX. After filing, we then discovered that Ocwen has a major lawsuit against them ; they have also sent us letters stating that they have established a voluntary claim program to provide payments to borrowers who may have received certain misdated letters. This company has ruined our credit history for the rest of our lives and now we can not purchase a home. When we were forced into bankruptcy we did not mismanage our funds and we did not even have enough debt ; we had to go get a car to create more debt in order to file. This company has taken our home for no reason and now have a lawsuit online ” Ocwen, Assurant Near $ XXXX Settlement in Class Action Lawsuit ”. But what about our credit report? We are victims of foreclosure FRAUD!!!!! The foreclosure needs to be taken off of our credit report so that we can get another home for our XXXX children. We recently XXXX. We want her to have a home to call her own. Ocwen stole from us and we did not deserve this at all. We have suffered emotionally, mentally and physically. I was XXXX due to stress. We are not seeking to get money although it would help us recover from the financial strain we went through. Our main goal in this is to get the foreclosure off of our credit report so that we can qualify to purchase another home. No one is listening to our complaints, the credit bureaus are not fixing our credit reports. I contacted the law office of XXXX, XXXX and XXXX and Attorney XXXX stated that he is just too busy to take our case. No one is helping us sir. I know you are busy sir, but we need your help PLEASE! Please take time to look into this issue and help us recover from this wrong doing. May XXXX bless you.

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