Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

We are continually harassed by Green Tree Servicing whom took over our loan a few years ago from XXXX. They indicate we are delinquent in our funds monthly and state that they are a ” collection agency ”. Recently, I received a 30 day delinquent notice, although our $ USD counterpart ( XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ) sends us confirmation of funds withdrawn between the XXXX and XXXX of every month.
The problem is XXXX fold … I am an XXXX living in XXXX and have to rely on mail / postage as Green Tree does not offer electronic transfers / payments … who does n’t offer this service in the XXXX XXXX!!!?? … Green Tree does not. Secondly, when our bank sends the mail ( confirmed ), it has been explained to me on several occasions by the many transient ‘account managers ‘ we ‘ve had over the last few years, that the mail sits in their accounts receivable department until process.
As a point of consistency, we start receiving calls from Green Tree call agents around the XXXX of every month and continues until our payment is miraculously processed ; somewhere between the XXXX and XXXX of the month. As such, our account shows delinquency nearly every month.
To cap it all off, due to their fallible processes and poor customer engagement, we receive at least 1 to 2 phone calls per day from Green Tree, which we ‘ve since stopped answering and are contemplating legal action at this point. The call agents phone, without regard, any time of the day. We ‘ve even received several phone calls at XXXX on a Saturday morning over the last few years!! This HAS TO STOP.

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