Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Our mortgage was sold to Ditech about a year ago and we ‘ve had nothing but problems. I logged on to check my principal balance on XXXX/XXXX/16 and saw my current amount due was {$7700.00} XXXX our monthly payments are {$1900.00}!! We pay bi-weekly and not only are we AHEAD on payments, the money is automatically deducted out of our checking account. We have NEVER missed a payment and NEVER been late.
I called customer service on XXXX and spoke with XXXX ( ext. XXXX ) who told me it was a software glitch and would be corrected in 24 hrs. Two days later on XXXX when it still showed delinquent I called back XXXX XXXX ext. XXXX ) and was told it was due to a software upgrade a few months prior and it would be corrected by the end of the month. At this point I ‘m XXXX, but there ‘s nothing I can do. I am reassured there is no problem with my mortgage and I wo n’t be reported as delinquent.
Three days after that ( XXXX ) someone COMES TO MY HOUSE to deliver me a delinquent notice on my mortgage. My husband and I are LIVID at this point. And mortified.
After researching my principal balance, I show where the balance goes down as expected, and then shoots up {$3000.00} a few months later.
I again call and speak to a representative who said the payments we made that were n’t applied to my account ( but were held as ” un applied funds ” ) were later applied incorrectly and my increased balance was due the re-allocation of the funds. How is that allowed??
I called to request an audit on my account and I was told all I can get is a print out of my payment history. I do n’t know how they can XXXX around with our mortgage like that without any accountability, even embarrassing us by sending someone to our home!

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