Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

The mortgage started with XXXX and was changed to GreenTree. My mother has since passed away ( XXXX 2013 ) but they still keep sending the statements in her name, even though they were sent death certificates XXXX. They would not work with my parents who live on social security and the mortgage was very high interest. They made payments every month and barely anything was put toward the principal of the loan. When they were facing difficulties, my mother called to try to get interest rate lowered or some other option and was told NO. My parents were in constant stress trying to make ends meet. Since they would not work with them, they had to file bankruptcy. Every time, it was declined by GreenTree. This is a modular home, not a regular house. They do not increase in value, they decrease. They want too money for this place. The house is in the XXXX bankruptcy in just my father ‘s name. He lost my mother ‘s income when she passed away. He was paying {$300.00} a month to the trustee and now they want {$450.00}! He has less income and they want MORE money. I handle his finances for him because my mother took care of that. This is the XXXX time for this bankruptcy. They are refusing to take what was paid in the past 17 years and want more money. The trustee wants to dismiss the bankruptcy. He tried to get a place for low income but was DECLINED because of this bankruptcy. What is he supposed to do? There is class action against GreenTree and I want him to be part of that. There are over XXXX complaints against them. He has very limited income and I feel this has gone on long enough. He wants to stay there for the remainder of his years. He is XXXX the lot rent also went up this year and is {$570.00} a month. This home is in a modular home park. It is not on its own land to give any value. I feel this has gone on long enough and this place should be considered paid in full. He certainly paid more than it ‘s worth.

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