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Further to claim # XXXX, I acknowledge receipt of Chase response dated XX/XX/XXXX in which the include a lock-in-agreement dated XX/XX/XXXX.
This was an agreement I was told to sign so that they can secure at least the 5 % interest rate. I had wanted to get the lower rate which at the time was a lower than 4 % for the 20 year loan I really wanted at the time but I was told that I did n’t qualify for that rate. No explanation was given. No one ever mentioned that I could qualify under the HARP program nor I had any idea such a program existed until not too long ago when I kept reading about it. No one ever told me that I could refinance with any other institution either. I had a 20 year loan which I had to increased it to 30 years to get the lower rate (!!!!??? ) I had tried re-financing not too long ago and I was n’t able to do so either and this may be because Reading thru the Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement, it says that that ‘there is no guarantee I will be able to refinance to lower my rate and payments (! ) No wonder Chase closed on the refinance so quickly. The Lock in agreement is dated XX/XX/XXXX the loan was effective XX/XX/XXXX.
Chase said that I did n’t need an attorney nor anything. Chase sent a notary to my house to sign the documents but the lady left me with unsigned documents.
The Lock in agreement indicates that there were no fees ; however, the HUD says something completely different. ( see copy attached ) None of my documents indicate that the loan was under the HARP program and as I stated before, every time I have called Chase, each representative stated that I I did n’t have a HARP loan because for some reason ( they did n’t know exactly why ) I had not qualified for one. How is it possible that Chase representative could n’t tell whether or not I had a HARP loan. This was not just one representative but every representative I called. ( I had called in several occasions ) I remember finding it very strange that the loan had been processed so quickly, yet no one volunteered any information.
I notice now that among the documents that there are is a HUD from XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX and it also says that I could ‘ve paid them?? May I know why. What was the advantage or disadvantage?
While I was able to reduce my payments, this was due only to the fact that I increased the term of the loan not because of the advantage that HARP program could ‘ve given me at the time.
Due to another situation with another loan, it occurred to me to inquire JPM Chase about the ownership of the note on my mortgage for my house, the representative told me that Chase does not sell its notes. However, when I called again on a different day and asked for a copy of the note, I was told that the loan owner was XXXX XXXX I feel JPM Chase misled me and misrepresented the refinance of my loan effected in XX/XX/XXXX.

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