Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I finally ( after 1 year! ) got a reasonable loan modification from Ocwen — I thought. After being verbally told that my loan went through ( in XXXX ), I still have not received final loan docs. The problem, I assume, lies within the escrow payment. I have paid my own taxes and insurance since I ‘ve owned my home. Yet, Ocwen has been escrowing my account at ~ $ XXXX/month since XXXX XXXX.
I ‘ve sent in proof of insurance to Ocwen no less than XXXX times ( since XXXX XXXX ). They put lender-purchased insurance on my account as of XXXX XXXX. I have sent in proof of XXXX and XXXX insurance since XXXX XXXX, speaking with an agent on the average of once every two weeks, with no movement on their part. As of XXXX, I finally stayed on the phone FOR XXXX HOURS while they bounced me from department to department, for me to understand that what one department saw on their computer was not being seen on the escrow department ‘s computer. Ocwen is always telling me that ” they ‘re researching it ”, but this agent acknowledged receipt of the document, called my insurance to verify XXXX insurance, then promised me the file would be updated. He then sent the problem to an escalation manager, who was to call me back to verify the transaction. Well, here it is two months later, and this placement of insurance has messed up the escrow account, made it seem as if I ‘m behind in payments, and is driving my credit rating down.
Additionally, I have always paid my own taxes, yet, I ‘m being escrowed for this. Upon loan modification, an Ocwen agent insisted that my account would need to be escrowed for the taxes. After receiving notice from the County Assessor ( in XXXX ) that my payment was past due, I contacted Ocwen re paying the taxes. XXXX XXXX is the first time they have paid taxes on my behalf. Where has all this escrowed money gone ( since XXXX XXXX )?! At their request, I ‘ve sent in proof of tax payment for the last XXXX bi-annual payments ( XXXX XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX ). They have sent me no proof, even though XXXX agent maintained they paid in XXXX XXXX also. The County Assessor has no record of their payment.
So essentially, they have MORE THAN ENOUGH proof of my tax payments and insurance, yet my account has been escrowed since XXXX XXXX. Ocwen has only recently purchased home insurance ( which I already had ) and paid taxes once ( at my reminding ). Thus, WHERE IS THE MONEY I AM OWED?! Why can some of their agents see proof of the aforementioned, yet it never shows up on the computers which would set my account in order?

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