Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Dear CFPB Representative ; Is there anything we can do about bad service from a mortgage company?
I am writing to complain of XXXX errors that have occurred in the servicing of our loan.

The XXXX XXXX errors have been with the application of XXXX of my payments. Every payment that I mail includes a payment voucher clearly stating the normal mortgage payment plus any additional payment details. On XXXX different occasions over the last year, my payments were erroneously applied totally to principal rather than to principal and interest as required. Each time, I had to call customer service and point out the error and how the payment should be corrected. I was told by customer service, that if I wanted to avoid future errors, I should go online to input my payment amounts to their system. I think going on-line should not be necessary when I complete the company provided payment voucher and send with my check. In fact it feels I am doing a Roundpoint employee ‘s job.

The last error was a Roundpoint over-payment from my escrow account for the dwelling insurance. The Insurance Company sent a bill to Roundpoint for {$730.00}. Roundpoint issued a check to XXXX XXXX for {$1700.00}. This error actually paid out more money than the escrow account contained! The estimated insurance amount was only {$930.00} dollars, but almost XXXX that amount was paid out with no alarms. I spoke with XXXX ( processor code XXXX ) in customer service and XXXX ( insurance department ) regarding this error. They were not able explain how this error could happen nor if there were any procedures in place to avoid these errors in the future.

After depositing the refund check from the insurance company, I have mailed a check for {$1000.00} to fund the escrow account. The current Roundpoint statement ( copy attached ) still shows an escrow shortage as they had not received the {$1000.00} check at the time the statement was printed. I have no confidence that this error will be properly corrected by Roundpoint, nor do I have any confidence in any of their balance calculations.

In addition, I am angry that Roundpoint customer service has been outsourced to the XXXX! It is always difficult to resolve an error but then to try to explain issues to someone who can hardly be understood because of such a strong accent is frustrating. I am horrified that my confidential information is in a location where the security is questionable and accessed by people who are not subject to the judicial system of the United States.

I have been a homeowner since 1986 and never experienced such errors from a mortgage company. Is there anything I can do to insure that this does not continue?

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