Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Mortgage abruptly changed to a new Servicer ( from Imortgage to XXXX Mortgage ). My payments are automatically sent every XXXX via my bank. With the late notice, I did not have time to change the payment to the new servicing company. I called the previous company ( Imortgage ) — to explain and request the payment be transferred to the new Servicer XXXX XXXX XXXX. Problem is Imortgage is no longer taking live calls pertaining to my account. I just get an automated message telling me they are no longer servicing my loan. Then the call disconnects. What can I do? I recently received a statement from the new Servicer XXXX XXXX XXXX telling me that my loan payment is late. When I called them to explain, and complain that they did not give customers enough notice, they did not seem to care. They told me to call Immortgage to ‘figure it out ‘. Well, clearly Imortgage doesn ” t want to be bothered either. The XXXX rep I spoke to claimed to have made notes on my account … but really not sure about that. Should I call my bank and stop payment? Or do I just wait and hope it gets worked out? I am SO frustrated, and really could use the advice. Thank you!

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