Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

We filed a complaint last year with you about our mortgage company Nationstar Mortgage LLC, reference ( Case number : XXXX ). It appeared that the problem was finally fixed in the ” resolution letter ” that we received on XXXX. However our statement that came on XXXX, after we had made XXXX payments toward escrow had gone up. The correct escrow balance should have shown – {$2400.00}, but the balance on the XXXX statement was – {$4000.00}!?!?!?! We are not sure how, after making payments to fix the negative escrow balance, that the amount jumped up so high. We have been on the phone and emailing constantly with Nationstar to try and get this issue fixed with no luck. We never talk to the same person twice and were told by XXXX different people that our account would go back into research to be fixed, to find out they never submitted anything. The 3rd time we tried to get it back into research the request was finally submitted, but the number the research department came back with was still way to high???

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