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To Whom It May Concern!

An alarming issue should be brought to your attention at once. Ocwen was ordered to provide XXXX in relief to homeowners upon investigation by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for a host of complaints, including robo-signing affidavits and other documents.
Attached is an affidavit sent from Ocwen to me the ” borrower ” that Ocwen robo-signed ( page XXXX ) my birthdate, incorrectly of course, ( it is Ocwen ) followed by Ocwen representatives informing me by phone on multiple occasions that it was instead ” I ” who submitted a affidavit with the incorrect birthdate!? Thereby once again, as they have done since XX/XX/XXXX, deny me the opportunity to secure a home modification at market value and remove the debt, interest and penalty associated with this loan. Once again, this affidavit is robosigned ( page XXXX in which my social security number and XXXX incorrect birthdate ( s ) are robosigned! ) This document was sent from Ocwen to me on XX/XX/XXXX.

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