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Dear Sir or Madame ; You have refused to answer and respond to any of my requests once again. The fact that you are still avoiding to respond accordingly to my complains amazes me to this date.
# 1. Copy of the phone conversation between myself, XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX.
As I Mentioned in my Pervious request, when I started speaking to XXXX XXXX back in XXXX 2015 to apply for my loss mitigation application, he insisted if i am not ready to accept the 5-6 % interest rate on my balance i should n’t even try to send my application in. That ‘s why I have asked you to provide me with the recording of those conversations, which I believe you are trying to ignore. Although I am sending you a complete application in the mail for my loan modification and ca n’t wait to have the result back with good news, I am still requesting copy of the recorded phone conversations.
# 2 ) you keep repeating that your initial Fair Debt Collection Practices, Act ( FDCPA ) was a print error. Since the date on the validation notice was XXXX, 2015 and I was given only 30 days to act on your offer. On XXXX XXXX, 2015 ( 16 days later ) I filed a complain with CFBP that I was NOT getting any written reply as where and how I was suppose to send you a cashier check in the full settlement amount. It took you 15 days later from my CFBP complain and 30 days from the date of Validation Notice that this letter was an error?!
Clearly I was not Notified of your print error until I already had the loan ready to be send for settlement before the due date. So please respond accordingly and do not repeat yourself. This is a simple question, who is obligated for my financial loss????
Finally you have responded that my QWR letter is Overboard and unduly burdensome. It may very well be Overboard and unduly and burdensome to YOU! But this is my right and it ‘s MY home that I am trying to protect from loosing. Until i receive a Correspondence from CFPB that my request is Overboard and unduly burdensome and its not my right, You need to provide me every single item asked. Clearly you have had plenty of time to prepare the information but have refused it with every chance you have had.
Please see the attached documents.
A. The New QWR requirements under the CFPBB. My request to send all documents requested in QWR RESPA letter ( 2nd letter ) I am looking forward to here from you soon.

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