Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I took a mortgage through USBank home mortgage in XX/XX/2009 for {$55000.00} on a home. and participated in the Florida first time home buyers program offered by the state of Florida. I received a {$10000.00} down payment assistance through the Government ( 1st time home buyers assistance program ) this is only re-payable to the Government when I sell my home. I just checked my credit report and noticed my balance of {$49000.00} I currently have with USBank home mortgage has increased by {$10000.00} to {$59000.00}??? Also, this lowered my credit score, because the balance now owed increased by XXXX. I have contacted and spoken with several USBank representatives, who at first said the issue would be fixed and my credit report would be adjusted accordingly. Now I was told that this money is part of my loan and USBank Is collecting it! I really do n’t think this is legal??!! Especially since I am sure that there is no interest on the {$10000.00} dollars the Government gave me for the first time home buyers assistance. And why now?? After 9 years of paying my mortgage on time without ever missing a payment or ever being late!!

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