Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Ocwen took over my loan from XXXX. It has been nothing but a nightmare since. Ocwen stated that I did not pay my property taxes, so I paid them the deficiency that I owed. After this this ( XX/XX/XXXX ) they have continued to add fees without explanation. The long story short is that each month Ocwen creates new fees out of nowhere. When I try to call to discuss and get an explanation for the fees, I get transferred to a specific guy in XXXX. He will not listen to anything that I have to say. He just repeats himself over and over again or continues to change his story. This has been going on since XX/XX/XXXX. Can you advise what I can do for help? Note : the customer service department had originally fixed everything. Then the research department ( out of XXXX ) reverted everything back the mess it started as. For several months I received several different statements montlly none of which matched. Upon more complaints, they stopped the correct versions of the statements. I finally stopped calling them after a year ‘s time and looking on line for help. Please help!

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