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I have had a terrible experience with being inappropriately charged with paying a recurring ” ghost loan fragment ” on XXXX of my HELOCs ( Home Equity Lines of Credit )!
There are XXXX concrete recent examples of my bank INCOMPETENTLY and INCORRECTLY servicing my HELOC payments : ( 1. ) Early this year, the bank incorrectly showed on my account statement, that my principal balance had been paid down to {$0.00}. In actual fact, they neglected to post an {$8600.00} transaction ( using a check to buy shares of a particular stock ) to my HELOC account balance. I repeatedly went to the bank and personally PLEADED with them to examine and find this amount! I was being completely honest and forthright with them! This was a serious bank error which would have been in my favor! My experience is that the Personal Bankers would say, ” Oh, I ‘m not in the Loan Department! That is not my responsibility! ” To make things even worse, they have recently revealed that my bank DOES NOT EVEN HAVE a PHYSICAL LOAN DEPARTMENT! Therefore, when a problem with a HELOC emerges, there seems to be no XXXX available to correct or address the issue! Instead, there is a collective shrugging off and abdication of responsibility!
( 2. ) Just over the last month, after I finally got the bank to post the {$8600.00} amount to my HELOC principal balance, I was very eager to pay it off, and obtain a ” true zero ” ( {$0.00} ) balance on my account. On XXXX XXXX, 2015, I did pay the principal down to {$0.00}. I even obtained a printed ACCOUNT INQUIRY, showing that this was, indeed, the case! But the very next morning ( on XXXX 2015 ), I awoke to see a balance of {$5700.00} ( along with accrued interest ) back on my HELOC account! I was completely enraged! What is going on? I had to go and argue with the BankManager, calling the Regional President ‘s Office ( who was out of town, on vacation ). ” I am filing a formal complaint! ” I bellowed. Finally, the local branch Manager said that she would fix the problem, and told me to have a nice day! ” I ‘m not having a nice day! ” I shouted. ” This is totally ridiculous! Why would I ever want to get another HELOC from this bank? ” Well, apparently, the local branch Manager finally did correct the issue, as my HELOC principal balance is now back down to ” true zero ” ( {$0.00} ). And I did get a phone call from the President of Marketing, who asked me about the problem. THE POINT IS, I SHOULD N’T HAVE TO BE GOING THROUGH THIS TRAUMA! AND NEITHER SHOULD THE LOCAL BRANCH MANAGER! MY BANK NEEDS TO GET THEIR BOOK-KEEPING OF LOAN PAYMENTS CLEANED UP! THEY ARE NOT BEING RESPONSIBLE LENDERS! I can only hope that another ” mysterious ghost loan fragment ” does n’t somehow REAPPEAR, again, on my HELOC principal balance!

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