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This is a continuation from my report/comment of last month ( early XXXX ) regarding Nationstar Mortgage. This was case XXXX.

I was told by XXXX, from the Escrow department, on XXXX that I would be getting an email that day explaining how the company calculated my new monthly payment, but as of this date I have not received that information. I called the company on this date because I had not received a monthly statement to make my payment for XXXX. The message on the line as I waited in the phone cue was that my account was overdue! Just like last month. The amount it said I owed was over {$4000.00}. This was not the case, as I learned in the course of this conversation. XXXX said they put my payment from XXXX in suspension, did n’t give me credit for it, because it was a ” partial payment. ” This payment was {$2100.00} made on XXXX and confirmed through my bank, XXXX. This was hardly late, paid on the first day of the month. So at that point I had no balance. XXXX from the XXXX department confirmed on the phone on this day that this was the amount I owed. This was my monthly payment.

In fact, a statement from XXXX, dated XXXX, said {$2100.00} was my monthly payment amount effective XXXX/XXXX/16. Another statement from XXXX dated XXXX confirmed this monthly amount. And another on XXXX confirmed this amount. All of these were on the company ‘s letterhead. So why did the company suspend this payment on XXXX? They must have planned on reviewing my Escrow and refiguring my monthly amount, other wise why would they not give me immediate credit for {$2100.00} on XXXX? There should have been no message on their line that I owed a balance. I would like this cleared up.

XXXX explained that they refigured my Escrow again in the middle of XXXX and found a mistake and changed my monthly amount. This is the third time they refigured it in the past few months! He said they went back and refigured my Escrow this most recent time because I asked them to do this. I did not ask them to do this. As a result, he said, they found a mistake in the interest rate, which was too low, and made an adjustment increasing my payment. I want to see the evidence of this. My note says the interest rate can only go up once a year.

What I did ask them earlier was why my payment had gone up back in XXXX. They said then that my taxes and insurance had gone up! My taxes only go up in the Fall. I checked with the assessor ‘s office in LA and they said that there had been no increases. The insurance also only goes up once a year, in XXXX. I checked with the company and they said no increase was given.

So I would like to see evidence of how they computed these XXXX increases. Plus I would like the situation cleared up regarding the alleged lateness and lack of payments. I will mail the documents referenced here.

Per JC I sent my XXXX payment XXXX for {$2200.00}. On the phone he said this was my balance. As I mentioned I had not received a monthly statement. On the phone with him XXXX he took my payment for {$180.00} to make up the difference caused by the latest Escrow refiguring that I had no knowledge of ( I have a confirmation number ). My account has to be in balance.

How can a company put a payment in suspension because it is allegedly partial before a decision is made to change the amount?! This appears intentional Also I noticed that several thousand dollars have reduced my principal but I have never sent payments to the company to reduce my principal.

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