Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Ocwen has notified me that my mortgage payment is going up due to a shortage in my impound account, HOWEVER, they will not tell me how the shortage occurred. They sent me ( twice ) a yearly statement that showed them starting with a shortage but what they collected versus what they paid would have left them with a nice reserve. I sent a Certified letter to XXXX XXXX, XXXX of XXXX and was completely ignored. What I pay each year is in excess of what they pay out ; they should be able to show me where they went wrong in creating this possible shortage. In phoning them, I have spoken to other XXXX where the contacts have no idea of why there is a shortage, they say someone will contact me ( they do n’t ) and then say they will transfer me but disconnect me, all while I can barely understand them with their heavy accents. They continue to send me statements with the higher payments and with no reason or explanation. This is a HAMP loan and from the start has had a surplus in the Impound account ; WHAT HAPPENED TO IT???? I ‘ve checked my taxes and insurance and I still have a surplus due to small increases in my payment when these changed. There condescending attitude is ridiculous!

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