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This complaint is against M & T Bank. Our basement flooding XX/XX/2016. All the usual standard protocol was done with our insurance company. The check was made out to us and M & T Bank. We had to mail the check, as there is not an M & T Bank in the tri-state area. We had to rent, out of our own pocket, a dumpster and mildew/mold solution to spray on a very, very small area, per insurance inspector. M & T refused to forward said check back to us until they had an inspector come out and document that we had done 50 % or more so far of the project. We did. The inspector was under the impression that once he sent in his documentation, the check would be mailed to us. Nope! M & T does not like the fact that we are capable of finishing the work ourselves. We had done all the water extractions, removal of flooring, etc. ALL before their inspector came. M & T requested a ” letter of intent to repair ”. We faxed said letter and followed up with phone calls. M & T then would requested a ” cost list ”, which was submitted originally by insurance appraiser. We submitted a ” cost list ” and in this letter did a breakdown based on our ins. co. appraiser ‘s list of the work we have already completed ( prior to M & T Bank ‘s inspector ) as well as the type of flooring we were planning on purchasing from XXXX. Then M & T Bank requested a ” We have the ability and experience to complete all repairs ” letter. We faxed said letter. In between all these requested letters, we have spoken to ” Loss Draft Department ” employees of M & T Bank. We ‘ve been told that ” normally ” contractors do the work. One ” Loss Draft ” employee said that since there was no structural damage and that in our state the only required contracting for this type of claim would be a plumber. That ‘s not needed as our bathroom was n’t touched by the flood or the cause of the flood. I was told by the same M & T employee that her Team Leader had the power to release the check. She called back and said that we had to send in the ” We have the ability… ” letter and they would send it all out to corporate. A phone called was made yesterday and the same employee that we had dealt with more than anyone else was unavailable and so a new employee was thrown in the mix. She asked what it would take for us to purchase the flooring. I proceeded to tell her about the break-down list that was faxed and that we had done all the work minus purchasing the flooring and pain for baseboards, so those funds are the minimum that is due to us. It was n’t a pleasant conversation. She said that ” XXXX ” would be calling us back. She did n’t. I called this morning and was that she would have to call us back. Several hours later she calls and said that ” they need our receipts ” to give to corporate. I lost my mind. She said she was just telling us what her Team Lead told her. We have over and over and over and over, etc. told M & T Bank that we are doing the work ourselves. There was no structural damage, only cosmetic. I asked for the Team Lead ‘s name and she said she would call us back. We are completely right back to square one. What I do think is the Team Lead is going to ask me the same freaking question the lady asked me yesterday and that would be how much for the flooring. They sent us a check for XXXX?? for the dumpster because we had the receipt and faxed it. After reading all the complaints on the FDIC site about M & T, I will warn any and all to never get a mortgage with them. XXXX, for that matter a checking account.

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