Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

At the beginning of XX/XX/XXXX I was accepted to get a modification on my mortgage with Nationstar Mortgage in XXXX, Texas. I was to do XXXX trial payments starting in XXXX which I completed and got my modification. I got my final paperwork to sign and get notarized and send back to Nationstar. On my paperwork it stated that ” Borrower promises to make monthly payments of {$700.00} starting on XXXX XXXX. ” I sent XX/XX/XXXX payment and then XX/XX/XXXX. The middle of XXXX I got call from the mortgage company that I needed to sign the paperwork again because they said did not have all the pages but this would not affect the modification. I did that. In the beginning of XXXX I received XXXX letters ( XXXX reg. mail and XXXX cert. mail ) stating that if I did not pay {$1100.00} by XXXX XXXX they were going to start foreclosure on my home. I called and asked what was going on. First they tell me that my monthly payment is not {$700.00} but is {$940.00}. I asked why it was not on my paperwork and they claim that they did not know what my escrow payment was. ( I did not believe that ). I asked why I was not notified and was told that because of my bankruptcy ( discharged in XX/XX/XXXX ) that by law they do n’t have to send me monthly statements or call me to tell me what I owe. I asked how would I know what I owe then and they said I could call them! Why would I call them if my paperwork stated I was to pay {$700.00} every month?! When I call this company the agents can be very rude and everyone gives a different answer to the same question.If I call XXXX of of their loan specialist on their private number I never get them but get their voice mail and I leave a message and they never call back ( ever ). The foreclosure is in suspension now so I can try and get caught up but I feel this is their mistake not mine. I called the XXXX office in XXXX, Tx. and they have a F rating. I filed a complaint with them and also the Texas Mortgage Banking and Savings Lender.

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