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My husband and I got our original mortgage through XXXX XXXX. After five years, we received a notice in the mail that PennyMac was offering lower interest rates so we ended up refinancing in XXXX XXXX. We had asked PennyMac to to give us the same set-up as we had with XXXX XXXX, which was to include our home owners insurance to the monthly mortgage payments. They failed to do so, so we continued to pay the home owners insurance on our own.

On XXXX XXXX, XXXX, I received a letter from PennyMac that they purchased home owners insurance on my property in the amount of {$4200.00} which they placed on my home in XXXX XXXX. Naturally, I called PennyMac to clear the situation up, but instead I was subject to being either transferred from department to department several times, with no one knowing what they were talking about, to being placed on hold for several minutes until I eventually got frustrated and hung up.

I wrote a letter to PennyMac, and they said they reviewed my contract and it showed that I did n’t have ” Hurricane Insurance ” only ” High winds ” and that I had let my homeowner ‘s insurance collapse. Not true … ( Have all the documents to prove it and my insurance company faxed my documents to various individuals at PennyMac on several occasions to verify the same. ) Also at the time of closing, the Hazard Insurance Authorization Requirements form from PennyMac did not state that ” XXXX ” coverage was an insurance requirement for escrow of funds. There is no right under the existing mortgage for PennyMac to collect insurance funds without notice to the borrower indicating these new charges. There was never any notice sent to us with regards to placing this insurance on our property either. In fact the insurance provided by us was deemed sufficient and there was no escrow requirement for hurricane insurance imposed upon this loan.

On XXXX XXXX, XXXX, I wrote to PennyMac once again requesting for a master copy of the forced placed insurance policy and proof from PennyMac that the premium charged to me was in fact paid by PennyMac. There has been no response to this simple request.

Finally, I was left with no choice but to hire an attorney. And every month they continue to spin their wheels telling us that it is in review status. I figured that I would first report them to the XXXX and Consumer Reporting. If they continue to spin their wheels, and not drop these ridiculous charges, we will be left with no other alternative but to sue PennyMac for unfair and deceptive trade practice as well as a Fair Debt Collection Practice violation.

So I ask you? Do you really want to deal with these issues? Then consider this my gift to you.

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