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I have had a Home Equity Line of Credit with the Capital One Bank for 10 years. I have never missed a payment and was never late in 10 years. ( I have been with the bank for 31 years, have XXXX accounts and XXXX credit cards with them. ) The maturity date was coming up in XX/XX/XXXX and I was told to get into the bank to refinance the loan before the maturity date and give me an extension on the loan while I was in the refinance process with them. I did get in before the date and started the loan process. I requested the extension and the loan officer said we just needed to hurry up. I asked if there was an extension given several times. She said do n’t worry about it, we ‘ll get it done.
During the loan process I continued to make my payments on the loan as usual. To my shock the payments I made on the loan were accepted and then the bank returned the money to my checking account. What? The bank employees did n’t seem that was so bad because we were in the process of a refi on that loan.
I spoke with the extension department and was told I should have come in 4 days earlier or 2 weeks and I could have gotten an extension.
To fast forward a bit, the bank says they will report non-payments to the Credit Bureau that I did not pay my loan and am 2 months late. Are you kidding? I have n’t been late or missed in 10 years on that loan!!!!
I called the corporate offices of this bank and was given no consideration for loyalty or good payment history. They were rude and told me I should have come in a month earlier. Yet, I did come in before the maturity date, that was the defining time. Now I find out that the time difference was only for their convenience, to collect some data that I know you can get in 1 or 2 days. And nothing has to do with me as a good customer.
I have good credit and have no bad things on my credit. Now they are claiming they are going to report me as late on my loan and I have never missed a payment through the life of the loan. In addition I paid while in the refinance process. And have proof of this. This whole handling of this event is so unfair and absurd! Everyone I tell this to can not believe it.
What can I do to not let this happen to my good credit that I ‘ve worked so hard for? Please let me know how to handle this.
PS i was misled and taken advantage of by the bank officer which is another story on its own.

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