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Bank of America ‘s website did not give me an option to pay my note on the XXXX and XXXX of this month. I have been paying on this bill for around 10 years. I ‘ve never been late.I ‘ve almost always paid my mortgage on the XXXX or XXXX of each month, as this is when I get paid. I make sure not to go over 30 days, however, the month of XXXX had 31 days in it. I went to pay my bill on the XXXX of XXXX, which fell on a Friday and was met with the drop down button not allowing it. I tried on XXXX XXXX, which fell on a Saturday, to make the payment again and was with an error stating that Saturday was not a business day. This forced me to schedule the payment on XXXX XXXX, that Monday. This is online payments and it should n’t of mattered if it was a business day or not, as long as the payment was made. I have now been informed that Bank Of America has decided to report on my credit report a late, which will damage me! This is not fair and my records will show that I have paid my bill on the same date of each month. How am I to be penalized because Bank Of America did n’t allow me to make an online payment on XXXX of those days, yet the record shows that I scheduled on XXXX XXXX for the XXXX of the month ( the only option )? There was also nobody to speak with over the phone as that department was closed.

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