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Bank of America has been fraudulently charging us for a late payments on our HELOC In XXXX XXXX (? not sure of date ) our HELOC converted to a fixed payment amount to pay the principal & interest from an interest only loan – XXXX never listed that we had ” missed a Payment until XX/XX/XXXX ” When they listed this late payment that dated back to the original conversion date, they began charging us a late fee with no notification to us that the payment had ever been missed or that we would now have to pay a late fee. I wrote to your department to complain about this. I was working with a woman named XXXX – XXXX never returns phone calls or follows through – She never leaves clear messages so it ‘s VERY DIFFICULT to hear what number to call her back on when she does call ( after I make 20 calls in a single day trying to get her to call me back ).

I offered on 4 different times on back & forth phone calls to make the missing payment & have the bank backdate the payment to the original date when we supposedly ” missed ” a payment – but XXXX would say she ‘d ask and get back to me and then disappeared and never called me back after multiple calls to her office. ( BofA never sent a single notice showing this ” missing payment ” until XX/XX/XXXX when it mysteriously showed up on a random bill one day. ) BofA is charging us monthly late fees. I have offered to make the payment & have them backdate it but because they had already sent out XXXX interest statements for XX/XX/XXXX no-one at Bank of America wanted to bother to help us. They keep charging fraudulent fees. because they say that we are paying 1 mo. behind even though we pay our HELOC early each month & make additional principal payments – apparently they ‘ve been using these funds to cover hidden fess and not notifying us this entire time??!! – We have an account manager and this issue was : 1 ) not stated or shown on our monthly statements 2 ) never mentioned by our account manager This is absolutely unacceptable. We want to make an additional payment for this mysterious ” past due ” amount and have it backdated to XXXX XXXX when it originally due & have all associated fees & interest reversed.

This is the second time I ‘m writing about this issue because BofA simply will not respond to our request & XXXX wo n’t call me back.

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