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XXXX XXXX XXXX Per a previous CFPB complaint with Ocwen Loan Servicing, Ocwen raised an additional question that must be answered. Please provide a written response along with documentation to each of our questions. Ocwen Loan Servicing stated that our investor loan number is XXXX. Now, this investor loan number ( XXXX ) belongs to XXXX which is on a copy of our Note and Deed of Trust. This loan was created on XXXX XXXX XXXX with XXXX. Ocwen is fully aware that XXXX and all of its affiliates went chapter XXXX in the District of Delaware on XXXX XXXX XXXX, file # XXXX. This means that XXXX is not the investor any more and is a non-existent company.
First, why did Ocwen fail to provide the current investor loan number as we requested?
Second, what is the correct investor loan number?
Third, what investor or company does this investor loan number belong too?
Forth, the information that we are seeking is NOT proprietary and confidential but rather Ocwen Loan Servicing considers this information confidential. Since this information pertains to our loan, we are entitled to have this information. So, why is Ocwen Loan Serving failing to answer our entire questions in detail and provide us documentation as we requested?
Fifth, the investor of our loan is NOT XXXX, so please do not provide XXXX loan number! If Ocwen does claim that XXXX is the owner of our loan, then we request documentation that this loan was sold from a previous investor to XXXX and not transferred or assigned which was done unlawfully by Ocwen Loan Servicing, claiming to be the assistant secretary for XXXX XXXX, per the Assignment of Deed of Trust dated XXXX XXXX XXXX. NOTE : Since XXXX XXXX is not the investor per the Deed of Trust dated XXXX XXXX XXXX ; XXXX XXXX can not legally sell, transfer or assign our Deed of Trust to another investor or company! A Deed of Trust allows the current lender to foreclose and sell the property if a person does not make their mortgage payments. Per documentation, an Assignment of Deed of Trust allows the lender to sell the loan to a different lender. A mortgage lender is the only person or company that can legally sell a mortgage and provide an Assignment of Deed of Trust anytime before it is paid off!
Sixth, is Ocwen Loan Servicing aware of the fraud that has occurred with our Note/Deed of Trust?
Seventh, due to the fraud that has occurred, is that the reason that no one that is affiliated with our Note/Deed of Trust will not answer our questions and provide documentation as we have requested?
Eighth, is Ocwen Loan Servicing aware that a state or federal court order can be issued for Ocwen to comply and answer all of our questions under oath?
Ninth, is a court order needed to have Ocwen Loan Servicing comply with our requests, answer truthfully and provide documentation?

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