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Please see initial complaint # XXXX ( As you ‘ll see what we were concerned about has now happened ).

I wo n’t reiterate the facts stated in my initial complaint, i.e. the history of the mortgage with Seterus ( but the background is there ).

On XXXX 2016 payment of {$1200.00} was made on XXXX XXXX, 2016 … We received a Seterus, Inc. Transaction Confirmation # XXXX via email that day ( which for some reason I ca n’t seem to attach to this complaint but if needed can fax ) … There is a 15 day grace period on this loan so a late charge is not applied until after the XXXX of the month ( as you can see on the attached statement for XXXX ) … So we were certainly within that time frame … They had our funds over a week before that so no late fee should have ever been applied … It should not take a XXXX century company dealing with mortgages/monies that long to post a payment … This is exactly what we ‘ve read about in regards to how Seterus does business and pads their pockets.
Today, XXXX XXXX, 2016 we received XXXX letters from Seterus … The first informing us that a late fee of {$47.00} has been applied to our account and also that the {$1200.00} that was received earlier in the month has been placed in a suspense account … They say it ‘s because the XXXX payment of {$1300.00} (? ) was not paid in full … We have no idea where the figure of {$1300.00} has come from or what the {$95.00} difference in payment amount is for … Does it include the {$47.00} late payment referenced above?? … If that is the case then what is the additional {$48.00} for??
Interestingly enough the XXXX letter we received from Seterus shows our scheduled XXXX 2016 payment to be {$1200.00} ( as we believe it should be ) … So some fee ( or something ) was added to our account without any notification to us since we began making post bankruptcy payments in XXXX of this year that changed this XXXX payment … With no notification being made to us so that we could either question the fee ( s ) or make the appropriate payment.
( Because the amount of {$48.00} is so close to their late fee of {$47.00} we ‘re wondering if for some reason the fee ‘s are XXXX assessed late fee ‘s ) … However none of the payments we have made have been late and we have the documentation to back that up.
In regards to our previous complaint Seterus has made our online account available to us although we can find no answer to this query on it … It does once again show our account as past due … Also it should be noted that XXXX 2016 ( attached ) is the first statement we have actually received and is available to download off the Seterus website … So if something extra was charged to us prior ( say in XXXX or XXXX ) we have no knowledge or access to that information.
And again as in our first complain the phone system is a nightmare as well as the CS agents who do n’t seem to be able to answer any question as to why the XXXX payment was a different amount and what the additional fee ‘s encompass … They just ask if I ‘d like to make your payment now.
This is ridiculous … Paying your mortgage should not be a guessing game or as stress related as we are finding our dealings with this company to be … One should not have to resort to the XXXX monthly in regards to the proper accounting of their mortgage.
Help please!!

Also note on the Seterus XXXX 2016 statement there are extra charges of {$130.00} with a suspense account ” offset ” of {$41.00} ( which comes close to giving us the difference in payment amounts ) but certainly is n’t explained, i.e. we do n’t have a clue what this is for.

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