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Our mortgage was sold to Carrington Mortgage Services in XXXX. After we sent in our XXXX payment, Carrington lost {$100.00} of the payment. They could not account for it, and they did not know where it went. After numerous phone calls, they finally agreed to look into it. It took Carrington more than XXXX weeks to correct it, and they still offered me no explanation as to what happened.
This is when it gets fun! To correct the problem, Carrington deducted a whole additional payment ( {$1200.00} ) from my checking account Without notification or my permission. They were able to do this because they made an electronic-funds-transfer from my original check, and then they also deposited the actual paper check ( same check number too! ). Needless to say, XXXX mortgage payments withdrawn in 32 days overdrew my account. After racking up NSF bank fees for three days, Carrington quietly deposited the money back in my checking account with the notation ” check pymt PCF ”. They did n’t even attach their name to the transfer. I called Carrington as soon as I found out about this, and all they had to say was ” They could n’t understand why I made a payment in the middle of the month? ” They could see the extra money, but ” there ‘s no way that they initiated the transfer ”. The woman said that there was nothing they could do. She suggested that I send Carrington ” All my bank statements, dating back to XXXX ” XXXX? Are you kidding me? You want some DNA too? Maybe my ATM PIN? I spoke with her supervisor, XXXX, and he said the same thing. I told XXXX that I wanted to Opt-Out of electronic-funds-transfer on my mortgage, and he said that I agreed to that by having my mortgage with Carrington. I told him that he had to abide by my original loan terms, and asked why my monthly statement from Carrington included HIS phone number if I wanted to opt-out of EFT?
Bottom line : Carrington Mortgage is a bunch of loan-shark, scam artists that ca n’t even read the information they publish on their own website. They must be used to dealing with lots of delinquent debtors that they can silently exploit as second-class citizens.

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