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Hello, The problem that I have is with Escrow Office : On XXXX XXXX, 2015 the funding was made and loan with Nationstar was paid off.
All my accounts including Escrow Account must be closed onXXXX XXXX, 2015. I have the payoff statement with Escrow balance {$2000.00} and Disclosure Statement with balance of {$2100.00}. They show XXXX different balances.
From XXXX XXXX, 2015, I do not have FHA loan anymore and consequently, I do n’t have to pay MIP.
Unfortunately, Escrow Office sent to me a Disclosure Statement written on XXXX/XXXX/2015 and transaction in it, made on XXXX/XXXX/2015. This is a violation of the Accounting Principles. They ca n’t write a statement before the transaction is done.
Also, the most importantly, they ca n’t make any transactions after the account is closed. The statement that I provide shows that Escrow did bill me on XXXX XXXX, 2015 for the amount of {$250.00}. This is incorrect transaction because is made on closed account and that makes the entire Disclosure Statement incorrect. That is a shame.
At first time when I called, I spoke with agent XXXX ( agent # : XXXX ). After she talked to Escrow Office, she told me that I am going to receive XXXX separate checks : XXXX for {$1800.00} and another XXXX for {$250.00}. On my question : ” Why XXXX checks, it should be only XXXX check ”, she said ; ” I am not sure. ” Until today, I got only a check for {$1800.00}. The second check is still missing.

I called again and I spoke to agent XXXX. She said that they already sent the money to the Billing Department and I have to solve the problem on my own by calling XXXX. I told her that this is their mistake and they should fix it.
I asked for the manager, she refused to give me the phone number. I asked for the address that I can write a letter, she refused to give me the address. Then she transferred my call to XXXX from Escrow Department. XXXX answered the phone : ” Hello, this is XXXX may I help you? ” I said : ” Hi XXXX, this is XXXX XXXX and I want to talk to you about my Escrow balance and the check that I did not receive.
XXXX repeated the same : ” Hello, this is XXXX may I help you? ” Then I asked : ” Do you hear me? ” She said : ” No, I do n’t hear you. You need to call back. “, and she hung up the phone on me.
I was very disappointed and frustrated. What XXXX did, is disrespectful to me as a customer, disrespectful to the job and to Nationstar Mortgage that hire her for this job.
I am still waiting for the check of {$250.00} from Escrow.
After all, I have a letter from Nationstar Mortgage that says, they need time until XXXX, 2015 to solve the problem. I strongly disagree with this response and I would like the problem to be solved in better timely manner.
Another problem is that Nationstar Mortgage reported me with partial payment to my Credit Report. This is not true. sent all the documentation to prove it. Please correct my Credit Report.
Thank you!
XXXX XXXX provide a copy of Disclosure Statement and Pay Loan in Full Statement.

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