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Carrington Mortgage continues to send mortgage stateements 9 months after selling property. I have spoken with them on this matter over 9 times. Each time, Carrington Billing rep confirms from their OWN Short Sale Dept. that the debt has been fuoly satisfied. Yet, every month they have sent statements showing up to $XXXX owed. This is violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act AND Consumer Rights. They should be FINED and then I want to take them to court for undue harassment and further damaging my already fragile credit profile by continuing to show me late/default/whatever.

Please know, by the way, that there is a serious tech snafu on YOUR website for complaints. Words I type only show for XXXX the page, then it is blank on the right half of page.

XXXX billing as recently as XX/XX/XXXX by Carrington Mortgage, LLC. This regards a property that was duly and properly sold with full agreement by the mortgage company via their Short Sale Department. I have documents proving Zero Balance, and I went to Settlement XX/XX/XXXX – with NO Balance Owed. Details outlined

Property Address: XXXX MD XXXX

Carrington Former Acct. XXXX Still Billing me!!!

Despite their own Short Sale Dept. confirmation to them while on phone with me!

I seek your assistance in stopping and holding accountable the above-noted mortgage company for their violation of my consumer rights, by the unjustified and fraudulent billing for nine months for a property that was sold without any further balance. Documentation in my possession, and the types of documents are listed below.


1. Sold home as a Short-Sale to avoid foreclosure. Settlement XX/XX/XXXX. Zero Balance Owed.

2. Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC sent letter to XXXX Title Company giving the amount required to agree to for sale. Buyer met the requirement. I have since May been receiving billing statements as if I still owe a mortgage payment. Maiming my credit profile and undue XXXX.

Documented Proof of Zero Balance:

I have documented proof of transaction (XXXX XXXX Court Record, XXXX Title Company Sale/Transaction XXXX, Mortgage company’s fiduciary company) – all stating Zero Balance Owed.

I have called Carrington 10 times since XX/XX/XXXX about them sending me billing statements every 2 months saying I owe XXXX 4 months payments. When I tell their Billing rep (whoever answers) of the Short Sale, they call their Short Sale Department and it is confirmed. Yet it is still on Billing’s books – AND Carrington says it takes XXXX9 months for the sale to catch up with their Billing Dept. NONSENSE!

If the XXXX Court XXXX has the sale on record, their own fiduciary company has it on record, and their own Short Sale Dept. has it, why are they billing me way after the fact? Their action is irresponsible and a flagrant violation of the Fair Credit/Debt Collections Act (not correct? well, close to that), and harassment by this fraudulent billing.

They also are maligning my already wounded credit profile caused by my struggle to sustain myself, and causing me unnecessary XXXX and worry in my life. This is why I want to file a lawsuit against them and receive recompense for their dastardly actions, i.e., violating consumer protection laws, using fraudulent tactics to try to get more money on a closed (and satisfied account), and harassment. I seek your citation for their actions, and then I will seek legal help.





From: XXXX
Sent: Wednesday, XX/XX/XXXX XXXX
To: cfpb-info
Subject: Fraudulent Billing against Carrington Mortgage Company/Sold Property 9 Months Ago/Zero Balance

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