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I have encountered one problem after another with Caliber Home Loans since they acquired my loan around XX/XX/XXXX. Before then, my mortgage was with XXXX XXXX XXXX and was in the midst of a loan modification since XX/XX/XXXX. Literally, at the last minute after my loan mod. approval with XXXX, my loan ( unknown to me at that time ) was sold to Caliber Home Loans. My first permanent, modified payment was due with CHL by XXXX XXXX, XXXX. I made my first payment over the phone with their bankruptcy department on XXXX XXXX, XXXX. This was done due to the fact that I was ( at the time ) in active chapter XXXX bankruptcy ( I did not yet have an online account ) and also to ensure that my first perm. modified payment was received on time. This payment was drafted electronically from my bank account and I received a confirmation number from CHL verifying this payment.
At this point, I figured all was well. Not even close. First, was the permanent loan mod. paperwork that needed closure. Since all of my approvals had happened with XXXX, all of my paperwork had XXXX letterheads on it and was supposed to go back to them. Since XXXX had already sold my mortgage to CHL and purged their computers of my existence, there really was n’t any way to handle that other than to send the XXXX approved permanent loan mod. paperwork to CHL. I did so via fax after instructed to do so by CHL ‘s bankruptcy dept. I also faxed a copy of the signed paperwork to XXXX ‘s bankruptcy dept. just to be thorough. CHL sent me new paperwork a few weeks after receiving the XXXX paperwork, instructing me to sign and fax again! Wondering what the point of this was, I did so. At this point, I began making my new permanent, modified payments to CHL over the phone each month, on time and always getting a confirmation number to accompany each payment. I did inquire multiple times about creating an online account so I did n’t have to call every month but was told that I could n’t because I was still in active bankruptcy. XX/XX/XXXX ( I do n’t remember the exact date ), I received a phone call from a rather frantic CHL rep. telling me that the signed permanent loan mod. paperwork that I had faxed in XX/XX/XXXX was n’t good enough and that I had to send in the original signed documents. I did so, at my expense via XXXX Priority envelope. It seemed that all was well again, as CHL received my paperwork and no further phone calls were received.
I continued making payments over the phone each month ALWAYS on time ( or even before ) and receiving confirmation numbers each time for the electronic drafts. On XXXX XXXX, XXXX my chapter XXXX bankruptcy was discharged as I had fulfilled its requirements and completed my repayments. I made my XXXX XXXX mortgage payment on the first of the month and also inquired as to whether or not CHL had received verification of my ch. XXXX discharge. I was informed that they had and that I could finally create an online account and resume a ” normal ” rhythm of paying my mortgage online each month rather than by phone.
On XXXX XXXX, XXXX my wife received a phone call from CHL ‘s collections department wanting to know where XX/XX/XXXX ‘s payment was??? Obviously, she informed the rather rude gentleman ( XXXX teller ID # XXXX ) that I had already made that payment and was up to date. He insisted otherwise and practically demanded the payment. After the emotional phone call she sent copies of our bank records showing ALL of the payments ( AND confirmation numbers ) to date and that we were current. That was then. As of today ( XXXX XXXX, XXXX ) there still has been NO resolution on this matter. I have spoken with a dozen people since then ( the latest person, XXXX XXXX ID # XXXX ) trying to prove to CHL that they are wrong and fix this but to no avail. At this point, my only option is to hire an attorney if resolution is not achieved soon!

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