Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Bank of America is again pushing their terms on me but years back I asked for proof and documentation that I am bound to Bank of America terms. Yes, this is an old issue but BOA has never provide proper and appropriate documentation. My loan originated with XXXX XXXX, then Countrywide and the question is not IF the loan could be transferred but instead simply want the legal details and documents of the transfer. BOA has sent my original loan docs probably 6 times, their terms countless times, they have said I need to contact others … None of that is what I am looking for as again, this is not a question of ‘if ‘ just the ‘how ‘ which is the legal transfer of the loan, something signed or sealed by the court … I however feel those claiming to service the loan and those benefiting from the servicing should be able to provide something as fundamental as this legal documentation, really seems like I should and could stop making my payments until BOA provides this.

Now for the insurance issue, I do have current coverage on the home and when BOA provices that information, I will turn it over to BOA. Now that BOA can no longer pull money from my account as well as they have done so illegally in the past, I now wonder how they will deal with this?!?!? They can bill me and charge me fees, but I will re-state that my payments are only authorized to be used for principle and interest payments, if BOA terms state differently, then again, prove I am bound by those terms but also consider that the second I provide proof of my coverage, that means BOA is completely wrong with whatever actions taken and I ‘m still pretty sure one day all of this will end up in court and the list of BOA illegal and/or unethical and/or inept actions have done nothing but expanded and I ‘m guessing it will be interesting, and bad for BOA, when a judge sees what BOA has put me through. Of course I wish the CFPB would actually do their job but that seems like a stretch at this point.

I will state again so there is no confusion, the payments I currently make to Bank of America are to only go to the principle and interest payments on the account, no part of the payments are to be used for fees or other charges. Further, I request all fees to be presented in writing and via USPS mail service, not digitally since BOA deploys deceptive reporting in an effort to confuse consumers ( using a general ledger format ).

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