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Re ; loan # XXXX Over the past years Nation Star assumed servicing of my home mortgage from XXXX ( XXXX ), who assumed it from XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, who assumed it from XXXX who was the original bank on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. XXXX invited me to a loan mod out reach event in XXXX RI years ago when they serviced loan in which they identified mine as ” preditory ” however were unable to help me after it was determined the ” investors ” didnt participate in a program of relief for my product …???
Over the years since XXXX no servicer has honored my adjustable rate rider terms which was to drop my rate annualy & calculated an inflated arrears amt since I fell behind in XXXX that year. This inflated balance has also effected numerous in house loan mod denials as it throws off ratios. Last month Nation Star falsely claimed {$350000.00} amount in arrears on my loan mortgage ( if determined to be valid ) is incorrect. At time I fell behind in XXXX XXXX my principal was around $ XXXX & now I ‘m informed its $ XXXX along with this additional $ XXXX in arrears!
In past servicers such as XXXX & your own co. had indicated the wrong interest rate at 6.75 % beyond XXXX XXXX. My rate was to be fixed for 5 years per my adjustable rate rider originally signed with XXXX. Effective XXXX XXXX it was to have adjusted to 3.75 %, 2.875 % on XXXX XXXX, 2.75 % XXXX XXXX, & 3 % XXXX XXXX. Bank XXXX acknowledged the XXXX rate adjustment in XXXX prior to XXXX servicing the loan. Sls had acknowledged the rate however it was not consistently correct on statements nor in calculations as with your co. Although they now finally indicate the correct rate is being applied currently ; I retained a CPA who can not substantiate a past even less recent aggregate amount. In the past I had an Attorney, a CPA, & myself requested a review of this matter as well as a corrected amortization schedule. I no longer can afford to pay an attorney & CPA to make sense of the aggregate as its a waste of time & the Bank is unable to provide adequate info nor substantiate past inflated amounts.
Ive requested they rectify this issue & recalculate this aggregate as well as provide an amortization otherwise I ‘m trying to secure a loan mod on an inflated erroneous amount. In past I ‘ve been denied numerous loan mods for for reasons related to insufficient income or not enough disposable income ; which this inflated aggregate is effecting the ratios on. I was most recently denied a few days ago & once again am facing foreclosure. Please Help me & my family. ” Thank You ”

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