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Copy of letter sent to Seterus, INC on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. No response!

Seterus, Inc XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX/XXXX/XXXX XXXX : Loan No : XXXX : TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN It has come to my attention when talking to a local mortgage broker about this loan, and a possible modification of it, that something is happening that I am not aware of, nor has it been brought to my attention, by Seterus , Inc . I have attempted to rectify this situation on numerous occasions : I am including three separate communications ( 2 letters and one fax from my attorney ) that addressed this issue last year- none of which have elicited a response back from Seterus , Inc .
The issue to which I am referring is a complete lack of communication by your company with regard to the of this loan. In the letter I sent to you in XX/XX/XXXX I had been advised that under Section 6 of RESPA I am required to receive from you a monthly statement pertaining to my loan. The statement should advise me of any late fees, changes in mortgage payments, account and other relevant facts.I have not received anything from you, that would accommodate that action!
Despite the above efforts, I have received none of the above on a monthly basis. I have received the following : XXXX XXXX, XXXX ( An introductory letter on the letter recognizing that my spouse, XXXX XXXX has instituted a chapter XXXX that did not include this mortgage loan ). At that date there were no late charge summaries, and the loan had been assigned to you by XXXX XXXX due to her bankruptcy.
XXXX, XXXX, XXXX ( I received a periodic loan notice reflecting the current principle balance ( CPB ) and the current interest rate as well as a late charge summary of ” None ”.
XXXX XXXX, XXXX ( I received a late fee of {$33.00} ) No other information included.
XXXX XXXX, XXXX ( I received another letter with a late charge of {$33.00} ) Nothing else included.
XXXX XXXX, XXXX ( I received a letter with a late charge of {$33.00}. ). Nothing else included.
XXXX XXXX with a late fee of XXXX ( a duplicate? ) Nothing else included.
I had been under the impression from talking to your company that my monthly payment in XXXX XXXX, XXXX ( I have the name ” XXXX ” ) was {$1100.00} – a late fee of {$33.00} would be assessed after XX/XX/XXXX. ( I have this information recorded on the letter the day that I called your company and talked to XXXX ). This is the only communication that I received from Seterus, Inc. that has ever mentioned the amount of the monthly payment, despite several requests from both myself and the attorney that was handling my wife ‘s Chapter XXXX. In his fax, he specifically mentioned that the mortgage was not included in the bankruptcy, and that your Firm was given permission to talk to the both of us at any time necessary.
At this point I began to request monthly statements under Section 6 of RESPA at the advice of my attorney so that I could understand why I was paying my monthly payments seemingly on time each month, and still getting responses that there were late fees involved as noted above. ( I will credit the actions of the USPS, and my procrastination, on occasion! ) But with no monthly communication with Seterus, I had no idea what was happening, or balances, or what actions could be taken to rectify the situation.
As an extremely concerned client of Seturus, Inc, I have been advised to contact the CFPB because there has been a complete lack of communication, transparency, not to mention the appearance of fraudulent behavior reflected in my credit rating and our lack of communication The reason being, rather than taking money from my escrow account ( you were getting a check from me every month ), solving the situation, and relating to me as required by RESPA what if any action could be expedited by me with Seturus, Inc in order resolve these issues. I could have done that on

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