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Every month the company sends me a letter prior to sending the statement saying what my next months payment will be. I always pay my payment on time and have never been late. All of the sudden the XX/XX/XXXX statement comes and it does n’t reflect what the payment letter stated the payment was to be. Then when I went to make the payment on line the it said exactly what the payment letter said was due for the payment. So I made the payment and the next thing I know they are putting my payments to a suspense account and saying there was a payment shortage. I contacted the mortgage company and they could n’t tell me why and they would have to send it to the research department and they would get back to me within 10 days, which never happened. I have sent them emails to XXXX different departments ( I have attached a copy of one of the emails please note all XXXX were the same ) requesting the information and a registered letter which they acknowledge getting, but they still continue to charge me an additional amount every month. This has been going on for 3 months now and when I pull up my payment history they have all these charges and rev charges and some charges I have never heard of. I can show my payment history that shows payment after payment and then all of the sudden on XXXX XXXX all these crazy charges started. They refuse to explain to me what these charges are for? Again, this month I went to make the payment as always and the only amount it will allow me to pay is the regular amount ( and extra principal if I want ). Can someone please help me? I had a similar issue with them when they purchased my and loan and it took forever, but they finally straightened it out after they continually treated like I needed credit counseling and possible loan modification, when in fact i just wanted to make my regular payments on time and have them credited correctly, and now years later here we start again! Please note that i have EVERY statement from the very first payment on this loans origination approx 11 years ago. I have never been late one payment and never intend to!! I just want to make my payments and have them credited properly and if there is an additional charges please tell me what its for! Just think if they charged every customer an additional XXXX ( approx amount ) how much additional money they would make from those people that just pay and never question it. Now they are trying to jerk me around because I did question it and they refuse to give me an explanation or fix it!! Please help! Thanks

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