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I have a Mortgage with Citi Mortgage Financial. As of XX/XX/XXXX, I no longer receive Statements from them. I called and was directed to the Bankruptcy Division of Citi. My wife had filed Bankruptcy in XX/XX/XXXX or XX/XX/XXXX, we were and we still separated. Though not Legally. I was informed that due the Dodd-Franck Act, i no longer would receive statement from them regarding my Mortgage Payments. from my understanding My wife bankruptcy has been Discharged. I have never filed Bankruptcy. I was told by Citi, due to the Dodd-Franck Act, they no longer are allowed to send me Statements. I was informed My home was included in the Bankruptcy and it was ( Affirmed In the Bankruptcy ). They also Stated that if they send me Monthly Statements they could be sued by the Government. I was told that because of the Bankruptcy i could walk away from my Home with no Actions against me from Citi. My question, if this Bankruptcy has been Discharged why are they not sending me statements. This Happened with no advance notice from them. They knew this was taking place before hand. I want My Statements sent to me. What Legal rights do i ( THE CONSUMER ) have? I have a right, regardless of what took Place of almost ( 8 ) years ago. I feel that they are not being Forthcoming with what my true Rights are, besides Being able to walk away from my home, when I never filed bankruptcy and was never aware of the Actions that took place. They said I could Re Finance My home to get My wife name off the Mortgage. Michigan as I am aware does not have Legal separation and we are not Divorced. My conversation with there representatives, gave me the impression they were not aware of these Stated conditions. Do I have a Legal right to take Citi to court or make tham produce Written Proof why they took this Action. It is not Fair to me. I have aright to my Monthly Statements Regardless of this Government Act. It does not Protect The Consumer at all if the Mortgage Service-rs can do this to their Customers with out warning and no clear explanation. It is not right!!!!

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