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Since my last complaint, my account with this mortgage servicer was totally researched and it was discovered and settled by Ocwen that they wrongly calculated % and charged higher payments than they should have, on my loan, for the five years that they have serviced it. But the loan was actually from XXXX. I would like to request further examination of this loan, specifically when it was held by Litton Loan Servicing, which Ocwen purchased in XXXX. I have had my mortgage for ten years — I closed in XXXX XXXX. I have statements from Litton Loan Servicing as early as XXXX. I want Ocwen to forensically assess my loan for what % rates should have been and if what I was charged was correct from XXXX to XXXX. If it is found to be wrongly calculated and I was overcharged in any way, I want a full refund including any late fees and interest or suspense monies held. I am deeply disturbed that my mortgage was handled so poorly and concurrently when I had great financial difficulties in my life. Tax-payers bailed out the banks and folks like me have been trying to do right, pay right and be smart about our credit through the entire crisis. Ironic. I have an Ocwen Ombudsman ( actually two ) but I have not heard from either one since I have left several voicemail messages regarding this new request. XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX are my Ocwen contacts. Please help me proceed. I have My Litton Loan Servicing account number and will scan the statement for when I made my first payment to Litton on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX via check # XXXX for the amount of {$1200.00}. My statement listed 7.25 % as the interest rate. The principal balance was {$240000.00}. And the last payment I have recorded to Litton was {$2400.00} on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. The month before my records indicate I made a phone payment in the amount of {$5000.00}. My statement from Litton Loan Servicing dated XXXX/XXXX/XXXX lists my principal balance as {$260000.00} and the interest rate as 7.25 %. I need so much more information! Why did the interest rate change when Ocwen purchased my mortgage from Litton loan? Why has it always been 7.25 % if it was an adjustable loan? Was it supposed to be less every year since XXXX? Why is my principal higher in XXXX than in XXXX? Has this loan always been growing principal? Please require Ocwen to continue this case! They have to date refused any amount of financial settlement for damages — even though they caused me financial stress, but if they owe me my own money, then I want every penny back. Please advise.

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