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OCWEN Loan Servicing Center, LLC Attn : Escrow Department XXXX, XXXX XXXX RE : Escrow erroneous payment collections & over collecting of funds not disbursed as claimed ( FRAUD ).
ACCOUNT # XXXX I have called Ocwen for over 6 months now to correct my escrow account related to my home and it still has not been corrected. Attached you will find documents proving the following.

1. Ocwen is over collecting for property taxed owned annually on the property. The city of XXXX tax Bill is {$2300.00} for XXXX Not {$2900.00}. That ‘s a difference of {$510.00} that was over collected and missing.

2. See the attached receipt from the City Of XXXX showing that a payment in the amount of {$1200.00} was received on XX/XX/XXXX not the {$1700.00} as reported by Ocwen. Ocwen is not trying to collect an additional {$670.00} for a shortage they claim is owed on my account for XXXX taxes and a shortage for XXXX.

3. According to my records OCWER over collected on the taxes for XXXX and are billing me for XXXX for more than what is actually owed? Ocwen ‘s records show the taxes are {$2900.00} but in actuality they are only {$2500.00} Again, over collecting for the year XXXX. I am being over charged annually and billed for over payments causing my monthly mortgage to rise annually.

I would like a review of my escrow account to be conducted and every penny accounted for. I would like OCWEN To contact the city of XXXX to see why they show a payment of only {$1200.00} being made on my behalf in XXXX from OCWEN but Ocwen report a payment of {$1700.00}. OCWEN needs to find the missing {$420.00} that was not posted to my property tax bill and also not reflecting in my escrow account. This money did n’t simply disappear!!! OCWEN needs to adjust my escrow account to reflect the correct annual tax amount to {$2500.00} not {$2900.00} so I am not being over charged and more money disappears.

Once the escrow account is reviewed, and all money properly accounted for my escrow account should not reflect a shortage of XXXX at which time I respectfully request my escrow account be closed. I will start to pay my tax bill directly to avoid over charging, lost payments and release myself from what I feel is a completely incompetent escrow accounting system OCWEN partakes in.

Please feel free to contact me directly at XXXX or by email at XXXX Sincerely, XXXX Account # XXXX

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