Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

XXXX XXXXAccount XXXXChaseXXXX XXXX Ohio XXXXJust received another telephone call today that was rude, arrogant and very antagonistic. I ‘m told by Customer Service folks that the telephone call was from your default section of Chase.

You have been told to stop these antagonizing telephone calls and correspondence with this threat. You continue to ignore my instructions to stop. Once again these calls and letters with this threat must stop.

On hold for XXXX minutes so far today and still your representatives lie and tell me there is a law that requires them to make this threat. Left message for XXXX XXXX ( sp ) for a call back. Betcha it wo n’t happen. Talked to a XXXX XXXX ( sp ) and he refused to forward the call to his supervisor after repeated requests.

XXXX XXXX tells me that he is calling in the loan. Well now, just how do you think you ‘re gon na do that? THE LOAN IS CURRENT! IT HAS NEVER BEEN LATE!
Told him to send that to me in writing ; he refused.

This situation is intolerable and must stop.

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