Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Had a XXXX conventional fixed mortgage through XXXX that originated in XX/XX/XXXX. That loan was sold to Rushmore Loan Management on XX/XX/XXXX That transaction was completed on XX/XX/XXXX ( Rushmore loan # XXXX ).
My XXXX homeowners insurance was being paid through escrow for approximately 11yrs and the information was transferred to Rushmore ( policy # XXXX XXXX ).
A pipe or connection burst in the condo and caused approximately $ XXXX in damages to the unit below me. While contacting XXXX to start a claim, they stated that the policy lapsed on XX/XX/XXXX and was never pain by Rushmore. Representatives from Rushmore have sent this to the ” research dept. ” ( claim # XXXX ), but I have been told it may take XXXX days for them to make a decision. Can you help expedite this?!

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