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For the last several years my mortgage company has continued to call and harass me about my payments. Here it is in a nutshell, I asked XX/XX/XXXX if i could make my payments at the end of the month since i get paid at the end of the month, the company said yes. Well, when that happened i was charged late fees, i called and asked why would you tell me something like that, they said that when you signed your mortgage it as signed for the beginning of the month. In order for me to do that, as far as making payments toward the end of the month, it will cost XXXX extra a month for each mortgage, I have XXXX mortgages XXXX and XXXX. I ask them to explain and according to wells fargo aka america servicing company that it cost monthly to reprocess your payments, and the XXXX a month addition would be for the life of the loan which is 30 years ( Monthly for 30 years, even though it is not written in their clause ). So at this point, I pay my mortgage on the XXXX of each month, and late fees has piled up but when i look on my credit report it says current, which means that they are trying to take advantage of a high interest rate homeowner, 9. 25 %, and 12.25 % … … .since XXXX I have been trying find companies that would refinance me but to no avail every company wanted money upfront even HUD , so Im stuck, and on a XXXX salary no one wants to help a XXXX and his family.. I have them on call blacklist, and they call every day three or four times a day. Can someone in your organization help me????? or do you need money upfront. the only time they dont call is when they get paid, but that only last from the the day it hits their system as a payment until the XXXX of each month, however these last few weeks they have been harassing me daily and it needs to stop. In XX/XX/XXXX, I applied for a loan modification, and they rendered a decision according to them – Our investors ruled that a you dont qualify for a modification- when I called and ask for an explanation, Wells Fargo told me that there was not explanation and that an explanation was not warranted, in other words, the XXXX with giving a reason, just take what the decision that is being dealt to you.. I would love to have an attorney who could help my family, I wish we could have a company that is about the homeowner, and not the mortgage company, A good friend once said, ” Good luck with that ” So here we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats next??????????????? From an underpaid educator, with high end interest, with a crooked mortgage company.

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