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You closed a complaint without getting MY response!

The complaint is compounding itself and there is no way any real human can contact you by phone without losing their sanity ( then again, being a government entity, that is not unreasonable as nothing government does is meant to ” help ” the common man – sorry for the editorial ).

The original complaint number is XXXX. Nationstar mortagage of XXXX was insisting I pay an additional $ XXXX to ” facilitate the release of funds ” from a ” frozen account ”. The frozen account being frozen by them and the funds being held were ones designated originally for my mortgage. Paying additional money to free my payment sounds to me more like ” extortion ” ( now we have a term government officials may be more accustomed to ). Furthermore, I made my payment due XXXX XXXX on XXXX XXXX and have been told that they received that payment but applied it for XXXX. I have NEVER missed a payment! I have NEVER been LATE with a payment. So, how could my payment meant for XXXX be missing? Somehow, with all the XXXX of setting my funds in privately held ” escrow accounts ” without crediting my original account, a payment has gone missing on the part of Nationstar Mort. I have all the cancelled checks and should be ” up to date ” as of the XXXX payment. My next payment is due XXXX XXXX, 2016.

Please pursue this course, the complaint is NOT CLOSED!

XXXX XXXX PS I prefer not to use the computer as much as it may be easier than reading my handwriting. I pride myself on not having ” physician handwriting ” and would appreciate having a proper phone contact ( as much as you may prefer to not hear from me ) -not a machine bent on improbable circles of input. I will follow up with Senator XXXX office, as they had been the origin of this complaint.

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