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NATIONSTAR IS NOT FOLLOWING THE RESPA Uniform Settlement Statement ( HUD-1 OR HUD-1A ) – 12 CFR 1024.8 ” Inadvertent or technical errors on the settlement statement are not deemed to be a violation of Section 4 of RESPA if a revised HUD-1/1A is provided to the borrower within 30 calendar days after settlement. ” Loan # XXXX was never given a corrected HUD statement and Nationstar knew this was never a legal loan long, long ago and used extortion in a racketeering scam. THE CONSUMER NEVER WOULD HAVE SIGNED THIS LOAN IF IT WAS DISCLOSED HONESTLY … EVER!!!
I got a rep and a supervisor at the Nationstar Corporate Office to confirmXXXX XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and XXXX all lied to intentionally mislead the CFPB and consumer. These reps confirmed, on a recorded line, thatloan origination fraud is illegal and they also confirmed that ALL documents need to be accurate and, if not, they need to bere-generated and re-signed. If this is not done, the loan is not valid. THE CONSUMER NEVER WOULD HAVE SIGNED THIS LOAN IF IT WAS DISCLOSED HONESTLY … EVER!!! We all know this is the law but XXXX, XXXX, XXXX XXXXand XXXX ( as reps forcorporate legal dept ) are all claiming Nationstar does n’t have to followANY mortgage or consumerlaws. Why not??? This gets good … it ‘s becausethe Federal Government gives Nationstar a free pass to ignore all laws and focus solely on collection and repossession. Why??? It ‘s because it ‘s FHA servicing. Yes … Nationstar is claiming that The Federal Government is forcing them to commit these crimes. This is not a joke, this was stated by XXXX @ Nationstar last week, it ‘s on a recorded line just prior to him hanging up on me. That ‘s why they foreclose on homes they do n’t own, lie to the consumer, andgenerate false statements … it ‘s because you, the Federal Government, has ordered them to commit these crimes and terrorize consumers. They are the victims, XXXX Loan origination fraud is illegal, consumer fraud is illegal, mail fraud is illegal … and Nationstar commits all of these acts daily. I have only found 3 honest people out of several dozen, but 2 were today, so voluntary compliance may have started. That would save all of us a lot of time and effort. The corporate culture currently, top down, is fraud and criminal intent. It ‘s programmed into the system and into the computers … .PROVEN.
RESPA~ Good Faith Estimate ( GFE ) of Settlement Costs – 12 CFR 1024.7 Standard GFE Required For closed-end reverse mortgages, a loan originator is required to provide a consumer with the standard GFE form that is designed to allow borrowers to shop for a mortgage loan by comparing settlement costs and loan terms. ( See GFE form at Appendix C to 12 CFR Part 1024. ) NATIONSTAR PRODUCED A FRAUDULENT HUD STATEMENT THAT MATCHED THE FRAUDULENT GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE, NOT FOLLOWING THE RESPA, THE PAYMENT WAS MISLEADING BY THOSUANDS A YEAR, THE CONSUMER NEVER WOULD HAVE SIGNED THIS LOAN IF IT WAS DISCLOSED HONESTLY … EVER!!!

12 CFR 1024.7 ( d ) ~ The ” escrow account information ” section requires the loan originator to indicate whether the loan does or does not have an escrow account to pay property taxes or other property related charges. In addition, this section also requires the disclosure of the monthly amount owed for principal, interest and any mortgage insurance.
LENDER REQUIRED ITEMS WERE LEFT OFF THE ESCROW CALCULATIONS, WHICH MISLED THE ELDERLY COUPLE BY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A YEAR Uniform Settlement Statement ( HUD-1 OR HUD-1A ) – 12 CFR 1024.8 For closed-end reverse mortgages, the person conducting the settlement ( settlement agent ) must provide the borrower with a HUD-1 Settlement Statement at or before settlement that clearly itemizes all charges imposed on the buyer. AGAIN … NATIONSTAR CAN NOT PRODUCE THE REAL LOAN PACKET

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