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Suntrust Mortgage Inc. has been continuously harassing me while mishandling my mortgage/escrow funds. I received an Escrow Analysis of my mortgage ( which they service ) back in XX/XX/XXXX. They claimed that payment will be increased from {$2800.00} to {$3100.00} due to escrow shortages that their representatives could not explain. After numerous calls to and from their collections department claiming I owe XXXX of dollars to them, these are some of the reasons they gave ( All conversations were recorded, or at least they said they were ) :1 ) My interest rate has gone up … WRONG, I have a 15 year fixed rate.
2 ) We have not received last month ‘s payment … WRONG, I pay automatically & electronically every month and I could see that they did indeed receive payment.
3 ) They said that my property Insurance & Taxes increased … WRONG AGAIN, I personally verified that neither one had changed.
4 ) They said because I pay on the XXXX, prior to the XXXX of the month due date, that it was being applied to principle because it was being received early … WRONG, This is the way I have been paying since day one of this loan and no such problem ever existed.

BOTTOM LINE IS, no one there was competent enough to explain to me why I owed them thousands of dollars when I never missed a payment. I finally managed to find a rep that at least made some sense of it all. She said, ” that because my payment went up by {$320.00} per month that my old payment amount was being applied directly to the principle or held in limbo in XXXX of there own bank accounts. ” She, too, could not explain why the increase in payment.
So I made 2 months of the increased payments ( {$320.00} per month ) while I researched to get some answers. I have concluded ( without any help from any Suntrust Reps ) that the reason for the increase in Escrow are their own XX/XX/XXXX PROJECTIONS of my Insurance & Tax increases, neither of which can be verified. In fact, I personally went down to the Tax Office and they told me that my XX/XX/XXXX Taxes will be exactly the same amount … actually a few XXXX less due to Homestead Exemption which I just applied for. I have tried to explain all of this to Suntrust Reps. but they just do n’t want to hear any of that. All they see is that I owe Thousands of dollars and I receive many calls per day trying to collect it.

I recently received a whole packet explaining how I am over 30 days past due and owe over {$9000.00} counting my XXXX payment ( which, of course, has been paid as usual ). They are offering me help and even to REFINANCE me! Can you believe that? I am sure the next thing I ‘ll be receiving is an intent to seize my proper notice.

PLEASE HELP, I have researched this company and realize that they have more complaints against them than they could possibly handle. PLEASE HELPCFPB, Federal Partners, and State Attorneys General File Order Requiring SunTrust to Provide {$540.00} XXXX in Relief to Homeowners for Servicing Wrongs.


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