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Long story short, our mortgage company was bought out by another company XX/XX/XXXX. ( Ditech bought out Green Tree Lending XXXX We were notified that our payment would increase in XX/XX/XXXX for the next 12 months, and were sent the schedule and breakdown. I called them in XXXX, XXXX to discuss the new breakdown, and was told yes according to your loan, this will be new payment beginning XX/XX/XXXX. I called because I had not received a statement for XX/XX/XXXX, and needed to know the amount, as the letter stated it was estimate. I spoke to a representative that told me to make our regular payment for XX/XX/XXXX, because according to her records, our rate did not increase until XX/XX/XXXX, so this is what I did. I even paid extra towards principle.

Then we received a another letter, an annual escrow account disclosure statement, that stated our new payment beginning XX/XX/XXXX. Note this new payment was completely different ( and higher ) than the previous letter stated. So, I called again, and was told again, make your regular payment and pay the new, new rate starting XX/XX/XXXX. So I did.

On XXXX, I received a letter saying my mortgage was past due in the amount of {$28.00}. So, I called again and spoke to a representative who had no idea why this {$28.00} past due was. They clearly saw that we made our XX/XX/XXXX payment, ( and {$20.00} ) more to principle. He apologized, removed all late fees, told me to just pay the {$28.00} and he would get it straightened out. So I did.

It was n’t until I tried to apply for a student loan with my oldest son that I found out the mortgage company reported us to all XXXX credit agencies as missing a payment in XX/XX/XXXX. We did not miss a payment.
We have never missed a payment in all of our 22 years being homeowners.

After months, and months of phone calls and letters, they basically say, yes, you paid in XX/XX/XXXX, but we put your money in a ” holding account ” ( without my permission or knowledge ) because you were short {$28.00}. And then when you made your next payment in XX/XX/XXXX, we released the money in the holding account along with your XX/XX/XXXX payment, and it posted to your account.
What??? You held my XX/XX/XXXX payment in custody, instead of posting to our account for a whole month???? Then reported us as not paying??? Yes, this is what they did, No matter how many letters I send, and phone calls saying I paid exactly what I was told, I still do not know why my payment changed by {$28.00} for XX/XX/XXXX only, and then changed again to a new rate that started in XX/XX/XXXX for the next 12 months. It makes no sense at all.

All I asked was to please remove the negative marker with the credit agencies. They are still flat out refusing, saying they did what they are required to do by law and according to their policies. Regardless that they gave us misinformation again and again which apparently led to us not paying this {$28.00} that we did n’t even know was due!

It all seems so ridiculous over {$28.00}, which was promptly paid, ( once we were actually notified it even existed ) yet my credit, and my kids future potential for college is now being threatened over this whole debacle.

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