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In XX/XX/XXXX I had work done to my home through the XXXX. Instead of cash out of pocket, the work was paid via my property taxes. Due to the timing of the completion of work and when my taxes would be paid, my Escrow analysis would not reflect the shortage until it was completed XX/XX/XXXX. I put money aside and paid the shortage and told them about the ongoing payment method and they said they would do an analysis. When I got the new statement for the following month, I adjusted my auto debit accordingly. When I got all future statements, I simply filed them without reviewing them as the correct amount was being deducted from my bank account. It was not until the last week in XXXX, XXXX while discussing a pending refi ( with XXXX XXXX ) of my home that it was identified that my current Mortgager, Ditech had completed that Escrow analysis incorrectly and I apparently had another shortage going on of {$95.00} for the past 11 months. I immediately called Ditech and their customer service person was XXXX. All she would say is that she would order a new Escrow analysis. I asked for a point of contact, but was told that, that department ONLY communicated either via FAX or postal mail … not via telephone or email … in this age of technology??? I asked what I should do if I had any questions after this new analysis was completed and was told to call customer service … Now, please explain the logic in that. She did not know how to help me other than to order a new analysis ( although she initially said to wait for my next analysis until I pushed the issue ) so I should call her back if I have questions about work completed in a department that is not accessible by Ditech ‘s customers??? Anyway, it has been longer than the amount of time she said it would take them to do this and I have yet to hear back from them. I did send a letter on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX to their corporate headquarters. The only result I received was a phone call from them saying, ” I was told to call you because you have questions regarding a refi? ” I did n’t put two and two together until after I told him I was in the process of doing my refi with another company because when I called them last month to see about it, the person I spoke to was very abrupt and unprofessional. I have NEVER been late or missed a payment in the 22 years I have lived in this house. I trusted that they were the specialists and that when they notified me of the increase in my monthly payment, it was all encompassing the new tax bill amount. I was extremely unhappy to have been treated the way I was and now I have to come up with nearly {$1200.00} because of their error. This is just not right!!! Sorry for this statement, but it seems the inmates are running the asylum.

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