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I have been with this mortgage company over a year and had no problems at all ntil they apparently changed processors late last year. At this time, I started getting calls stating that my payment had not been made. My payments had always been auto-drafted so I do n’t know why this had not happened. I paid the XXXX payment over the phone and told them to please continue drafting my payments in the future. Then late Januray I get another call stating that my XXXX payment had not been made ( I am going through XXXX so I had not been doing the best job keeping up with this, assuming it was auto-drafting as it was supposed to be ). I immediately made the payment over the phone so as not to get behind on my mortgage. This was XXXX XXXX. This payment cleared my bank, and then in XXXX FINALLY they auto-drafted my XXXX payment as they were supposed to. Shortly thereafter my husband and I begin getting automated phone calls frequently throughout the week, stating that our XXXX payment had not been made!!! What?!! I accessed my bank account to see that the XXXX payment was made, the XXXX payment was made, and the XXXX payment was made. I called Fairway to begin, what would turn out to be a very lengthy uphill battle of getting absolutely nowhere. I contacted my bank and they told me that Fairway had pulled the money from the account, not the other way around ( Fairway had been asking for a copy of the transaction from my bank, as if the bank mailed them a payment … that was not the case, Fairway had pulled the funds from my account ). The XXXX XXXX rep was kind enough to allow me to put her on 3-way and call the mortgage company. She explained to them that they authorized the transaction and that there was no voided check that could be provided because of that. The rep for Fairway kept going in circles and finally my bank rep told me to go into my local branch and have them give me documentation on these funds being pulled from my account. I had to wait about a week to do this, because I was sick from my XXXX, but as soon as I could I went to the bank and had them fax the necessary documents over. Meanwhile, we are still getting automated phone calls multiple times a week. I called the next day and spoke with a rep who told me that they did receive the documentation from the bank, and this would be taken care of immediately. A week or so later, still nothing. I call Fairway back and go through the story AGAIN. I could see I was still getting nowhere so I asked for a supervisor. I was told that a supervisor would call me back. Days later, I am still getting automated calls, but no supervisor ever returned my call. I call again, get put on hold for almost 45 minutes before someone gets on the phone. Finally, a supervisor gets on the phone and I go back over my story again. We contacted my bank on 3 way but I was in XXXX and they needed my account information, which was downstairs. The supervisor for Fairway said he was going to work on this and get back to me. I still have n’t heard back from him. Again, we are still getting phone calls throughout the week telling us to contact Fairway regarding a missed payment. I call again, and ask for a supervisor. I have to, yet again, go back through my story ( for about the 10th time ). I get a supervisor on the phone, who assures me that this is going to be handled and she will get back to me with an answer either way that day. That was a week ago, and I have n’t heard anything except automated calls stating we need to contact Fairway about a missed payment. This is almost {$3000.00} that they pulled out of my account and can not find. Not to mention whether or not this is hurting my credit!!! I have tried to research attorneys this morning, but I found your information and wanted to report this complaint.

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