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Wells Fargo, formerly Wachovia MortgageBack in 2006, a XXXX year old XXXX and his wife received orders to XXXX for the XXXX leg of a XXXX. The housing market was HOT! They consulted various big lenders, and ended up buying a house for {$140000.00}, with an XXXX/XXXX loan through Wachovia ( Now Wells Fargo ). This was an alternate to a VA loan, but still 100 % financing. The second loan ( 20 % of the purchase price ) was going to be a highter interest rate, but it was a seemingly necessary program to do to buy a home in such a hot market. Three years later, the housing market went bust. Same year, the now new parents, received XXXX. They refi’ed the XXXX house, with the big mortgage loan being now 5.875 %, and the small, 20 % mortgage being a whopping 8.62 % interest rate. Now, XXXX in XXXX, the couple rent out the home in XXXX for a loss of about {$250.00} a month.
This couple is my husband and myself. I have called Wells Fargo for years now, begging to refi the house. Interest rates are LOW now. Their response remains the same – They will not refi it because it is not my primary residence. But it is not my primary residence ANYMORE, because the XXXX had other plans for my family. I ‘ve asked everyone there, every year, what I can do? Who can I call? The most definitive answer I have received from them is ” just to short sale the home. ” Yes, they recommended to short sale the home. We do n’t want to do that. It was our American Dream to buy our first home, and we did, proudly, and used nothing but American owned companies in the process.
I do not want the home given to us, or defaulted on by us. I want a fair chance to refinance the home on FAIR terms. 8.62 % interest rate ( the small loan ) is far from fair. This company has made ENOUGH money due to the misfortunes of others. We have never been late on a payment, or never discussed foreclosing or a short sale. Unfortunately, nothing can be done until we receive orders back to XXXX and that can be our primary residence again.

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