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I bought my home in XXXX XXXX. I have a fifteen-year fixed rate mortgage ; 3.2 % financing. City taxes paid to SunTrust Mortgage per pg. XXXX line XXXX were {$600.00} ; taxes owed were {$680.00} resulting in a difference of {$86.00}. On pg. XXXX line XXXX & XXXX, XXXX XXXX ( seller ) and I split costs for the property taxes ; we each paid in {$360.00} to total {$720.00}. Lines XXXX & XXXX show we each paid in {$350.00} to total to {$700.00} for the county property taxes ; I do n’t know why these amounts are different from what the bank received. I think I prepared my excel spread sheet based on what we both paid in. The XXXX city property taxes according to the records provided by XXXX XXXX were paid on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. XX/XX/XXXX, the people at SunTrust Mortgage notified me that my City of XXXX property taxes had not been paid for XX/XX/XXXX, this was NOT true. This is the only adjustment to my escrow account, other than a fifteen-dollar refund check I received from XXXX, my home owner ‘s insurance has remained as calculated at closing. I simply paid my timely payments based on the amortization table provided to me at closing ; payment of {$660.00}. On XXXX XXXX, XXXX, I did start paying an increased amount of {$670.00} to adjust to the increase in my city property taxes ; my home owner ‘s insurance and county property taxes remained the same. However, the people at SunTrust Mortgage have taken a total of approximately {$770.00} out of four separate timely made payments, claiming a ” repayment of an advancement they gave me for my XX/XX/XXXX city/county?? Property taxes ”. I never needed an advancement because both my city and county property taxes were accounted for and paid at my XXXX XXXX closing. Since they claimed this advancement they put all subsequent timely payments I made and put them in suspension claiming I was short paying my mortgage. I never paid late fees. To make matters worse, they ‘ve repeatedly refused to provide me with a SunTrust Mortgage manager ‘s email so I could enjoin the manager with XXXX XXXX of XXXX XXXX. She has stated in writing via email my taxes were accounted and paid. I ‘ve provided all documents to support my figures. I ‘ve also provided letters from SunTrust Mortgage in which I only agree with their XXXX, XXXX, XXXX letter, page XXXX paragraph XXXX ) QUOTE ” Neither of the escrow refund checks sent to you were cashed. ” Again, I simply made my timely payments based on the amortization schedule provided to me at closing. If you read the letters I ‘ve provided to you from SunTrust, you will conclude they have deliberately made a ” mess of my escrow account in an attempt to confuse me into paying extra monies to them. ” Once I get this mess straightened out and my credit restored I will apply to have my mortgage refinance with a reputable mortgage company. They started this nightmare just months into my making my timely payment by insisting I pay extra monies into my escrow account, increasing my payment from {$660.00} to {$690.00} and even {$730.00}. In their XXXX XXXX letter, pg XXXX para XXXX, they claim their vendor had to pay my XX/XX/XXXX COUNTY property taxes totaling {$680.00} ( they told me it was CITY ) so I owed monies for this. Per XXXX XXXX property tax records provided to me by XXXX XXXX, my XX/XX/XXXX XXXX taxes in the amount of {$580.00} were paid on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. They go on and on with their GIBBERISH from attempting to collect more for my home owner ‘s insurance ( over {$400.00} ) to claiming they have to give me an ” advancement ” to cover my city/county?? Property taxes, I believe, to confuse me. This is why I paid according to my amortization schedule provided me. I ‘m not going to have my livelihood illegally attacked simply because SunTrust Mortgage hires incompetent employees!!! Not only do I pay my bills timely, I pay them off. I will upload this entire letter.

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